Alpha Educational Advocacy Group, Incorporated 

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Educational Advocacy

AEAG has 70+ collective years of experience in the field of education.  Our classroom and school administration experiences provide resources and practical applications that meet students' individual educational needs.

AEAG offers support to families, organizations and educators as it relates to school programs and practices designed to maximize students' potential for academic achievement and holistic development:

Curriculum and Instruction (K-8)

Professional Development


Standardized Assessments

Special Education Services and Individual Education Plans (IEPs)

Gifted Education


Educational Leadership

Contact us today because every child deserves an ADVOCATE!

Advocates for Children

Understand how to get the resources students need to be successful.

Quality Education

Work with experts to gain information and resources that align to the curriculum.

Practical Applications

Understand how to help students apply their skills to be successful in school and beyond.